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Lunch Thali

A Platter of food served to you with a choice of all vegetarian or vegetarian and chicken curries.


Our lunch thali menu changes everyday and can be found on our facebook page. Here's what you can expect to find in our thali on a daily basis.

Thali Includes:
Veg. / Chicken Apetizer
Plain Rice
Chappathi or other bread (1)
    (Layered whole wheat handmade bread)
Sambhar or other veg. curry
    (Vegetables and/or lentils cooked with  spices)
Daal / Kootu or equivalent 
    (Vegetables and/or Lentils cooked with spices)
    (Thin soup-like broth)
Dry Vegetable of the day 
    (Sauteed Vegetable with spices)
Veg. / Chicken Curry


A Little History about the lunch Platter...


At Agni, we’ve tried to recreate aspects of this tradition. We have a seating arrangement that allows you to enjoy the sitting-on-the-floor experience. The lunch platter, although served in a metal plate and the curries are served in natural plant fiber cups instead of being placed directly on the banana leaf, making it more convenient for our modern day selves to eat.


We truly hope you enjoy the experience!

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